The factory

The activity was born in the 70s, in a small workshop, located in the historic center of Torre del Greek, a charming town on the slopes of Vesuvius, where the main objective was to produce a product  similar to the home made by our grandmothers.

The company’s policy has always been to use the best raw materials that the market offered not to frustrate the precious craftsmanship that the family carried on itself first.

After a few yearsthe most successful product, included the dumplings so it was decided to broaden the horizons pointing to a semi-industrial production without changing the original recipe too. For their production, the company uses a continuous cooking system of the dough which guarantees its high digestibility and at the same time, absolute compliance with health and safety regulations.

The end consumer can then enjoy small and striped dumplings by the full-bodied texture, “callous” as they say in Naples when you want to define a “pasta al dente”, almost verging on chewy but not rubbery, highly digestible, straw-colored and the characteristic potato aroma.